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Elevate Your Mind Hypnosis

Hypnosis to relieve Stress & Other harmful factors that we deal with daily.


Here are some of the results experienced by my most recent and previous clients.

From Jack In West Jordan:

I never really new what to expect I was kind of nervous at first but excited also. First time for everything right?? I was having some really hard times dealing with some personal issues with family. I went to see Stacie to see what she could offer me to help deal with this. Our first session went really well I left feeling like I could handle anything coming my way. See these things made my sleeping very rough. My mind kept running and the anger was getting worse. She was able to help me see the light and let go of it. As time has gone by since my session I am seeing a big difference in how I feel. I have my anger in control and I have been able to work with it. My sleeping has improved. I have some energy and I keep up with the day. I took her advise and when I feel the anger coming through I sit down and close my eyes and take deep, deep breathes. It really does help calm you down. I cant wait to see how another session can help me. I would total recommend you try this out. Thank You Stacie life is much better for me.


From JS in Sandy, UT:

I chose to try Hypnosis. I feel I have a clearer mind and better skills to to make decisions with regards to my well being. I find I'm not so quick to react and I'm finding that I can let things go easier where as before they consumed my thoughts. Thank you Stacie for your understanding, kindness, confidentiality and work. I can't wait to continue this journey with you to a better self. 


From KS in Taylorsville, UT: 

Stacie does an amazing job with hypnosis.  I had never been hypnotized before she hypnotized me.  The first session that I had with her helped me to release some things.  Then I had a follow up session a couple of days later to go deeper and really release some things from my past.  It was amazing after 5 hours I had some major clarity come to me.  I knew what I needed to do.  After I took the steps that came clear to me I had a bunch of positive things happen in my life.  I would highly recommend Stacie to anyone!! 


From EW in Ohio:

Stacie hypnotized me for relaxing and in just one session I felt so calm and like everything that was bugging me just lifted. It was awesome! She was awesome! I need more of this in my life! Thank heavens she can do this over the phone too because I hated driving long distances. 


From  Anonymous:

I visited Stacie , at Elevate Your Mind Hypnosis, a couple weeks ago. I have been hypnotized before but I must say that her level of professionalism was awesome! She made me feel comfortable and knew exactly what she was doing. She nailed it! My results have been fantastic! If you have or have not been hypnotized before, I suggest that you give Stacie a call. My only regret was that I didn't call her sooner! If only I knew then what I know now. I am very excited & cant wait to be seeing Stacie again. For real - call her - you will not regret it but you likely will wish you had not waited so long to see her. 


From SN:

 Stacie is absolutely FANTASTIC ! She has helped me with so may things that have been bottled up for years. I have had brain fog for years, after my 1st visit with Stacie it is completely gone !"