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Are you ready to transform your life, gain your freedom and claim your happiness?

Hi! I’m Stacie…

I promise to be there for you every step of your journey. Working with me is a supportive, solution-oriented and deeply trans-formative process of reclaiming your true identity, letting go of limiting beliefs, and living a healthy and well balanced life.

I am a board certified Clinical Professional Hypnotist and Certified Professional Instructor through the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy, along with being a Certified Success Fit Weight Loss Specialist, Sleep Specialist, and Certified Tobacco Cessation Specialist.

It is my goal

to help others have the best life possible and to help them transition back to their happiness, with compassion and understanding, and the results they desire.

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Let’s discover how hypnosis will help you!

Are you tired of
  • Living with excess weight?
  • Being irritable, stressed & anxious?
  • Feeling overwhelmed & fearful?

You know you want to change your life,
but you’re struggling to make the good habits stick.

It’s Time To
  • Explode your confidence!
  • Move forward with your life experiences.
  • Improve sleep, focus & clarity.
Positive Thinking

It is Time to Take Control & Discover Your True Potential

Just imagine if you could achieve your true potential by exploring your subconscious mind.

What Clients Are Saying

My confidence has exploded and my new business is flying!
I’m so happy with my sessions with Stacie. Its always been my dream to own my own business but just couldn’t get out of my own way. Stacie knew the exact questions to ask and created the perfect sessions for specifically what I needed. Now my confidence has exploded and my new business is flying! If you are reading this & ever dreamed of having your own business – CALL STACIE TODAY! It will change your life!!

1st Choice Press

I’m better suited to move forward with my life challenges after having a few sessions with Stacie.
My sessions with Stacie have been insightful and inspirational. My experience was positive, motivational, reduced built up stress and overcame long held baggage. I learned breathing and meditating techniques for relaxation.

Stacie has a warm and welcoming spiritual presence that made me relaxed and peaceful. I’m better suited to move forward with my life challenges after having a few sessions with Stacie. Thank you.

BN in South Jordan

“Thanks to Stacie I now know who I am and where I am. She helped me really begin healing and progressing on my journey to finally be rid of the pain of my past.

I can’t recommend this hypnosis enough. I recently left a very abusive marriage and have PTSD. I was skeptical at first but just in that first appointment alone everything has changed for me. When you leave an abusive marriage you don’t know who’s voice in your head, is you and who’s is your abuser. But in that appointment I was able to find out who I truly was by reconnecting with my inner self. I still struggle and still go to therapy but my anxiety levels have dropped drastically and I can see my ex’s voice for what it truly is.”

AW Layton, Utah

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You Are Worth It

Do you feel like you are spinning out of control? Does your confidence and inner strength feel depleted, almost nonexistence? The self-image that you perceive effects every aspect of your life. It’s time to change the story you tell yourself.

Slim & Secure

Weight loss does not have to be a constant struggle of restriction & dread. By matching your personal needs, ability, and lifestyle, hypnosis can help you eat healthier and get you “moving” in the right direction.

Anxiety & Freedom

If you are tired of being overwhelmed and fearful in certain situations you know you are safe in and yet you still experience panic then this could be the most important information you will read. It is time to stop the inner chaos.

You are not broken.
You are not an appliance that needs to be fixed.
You are an amazing individual and that is why I am here for you.

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