Workshops will Return in 2023

Exclusive Monthly Workshop

I invite you to join me, on the 3rd Friday evening of every month, for my exclusive workshop. 

Every month there will be a new topic ranging from something new for you to do & learn, something to change, or something new to discover. 


I chose to try Hypnosis. I feel I have a clearer mind and better skills to to make decisions with regards to my well being. I find I’m not so quick to react and I’m finding that I can let things go easier where as before they consumed my thoughts. Thank you Stacie for your understanding, kindness, confidentiality and work. I can’t wait to continue this journey with you to a better self.


Sandy, Utah

Stacie Ford

Stacie Ford

Certified ICBCH Trainer

Stacie Ford is a board certified Clinical Professional Hypnotist and Certified Professional Trainer through the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy, along with being a Certified Success Fit Weight Loss Specialist, Sleep Specialist, and Certified Tobacco Cessation Specialist. It is Stacie’s goal to help others have the best life possible and to help them transition back to their happiness, with compassion and understanding, and the results they desire.

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Exclusive Monthly Workshop
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