Simple & Easy Techniques to Cope with Anxiety Workshop

Are you ready to begin taking back the control of your life that you have lost to anxiety?

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Life gets stressful & causes anxiety. Sometimes it feels like a circus act. You juggle multiple things at once, move in several different directions and feel like you’re always on the go.

It’s no wonder you often feel overwhelmed and anxious. Everyone has anxiety from time to time, but chronic anxiety can interfere with your quality of life.

While perhaps most recognize the behavioral changes, anxiety can also have serious consequences on your physical health.

You will receive:

Daily Instructional Videos walking through the techniques
Anxiety Trigger Worksheet (Downloadable PDF)
Technique Reference Guide (Downloadable PDF)
Breathing Exercises eBook (Downloadable PDF)
“Anxiety’s in the Bag” Mini Hypnosis Audio

On the last day of this workshop I have a “SPECIAL OFFER” just for you! ?

In this 5 day workshop we will walk through some of my favorite and effective Anxiety Coping Techniques which will allow you to begin managing the anxiety and overwhelm you feel daily. I personally use most of them every day and I also teach each & every one of my clients these same techniques.

Each day for we will walk through the techniques via video, where I will quickly demonstrate each technique and I will ask you to perform each exercise before then next day.

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Stacie Ford

Stacie Ford

Certified ICBCH Trainer

Stacie Ford is a board certified Clinical Professional Hypnotist and Certified Professional Trainer through the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy, along with being a Certified Success Fit Weight Loss Specialist, Sleep Specialist, and Certified Tobacco Cessation Specialist. It is Stacie’s goal to help others have the best life possible and to help them transition back to their happiness, with compassion and understanding, and the results they desire.

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